Just your average Canadian born, coffee drinking, tiramisu loving, sometimes writing, wanderlusting, Spanish studying, wine consuming, twenty-something.

As most of you will know, I woke up one day in early 2016 with an idea that – like most others – was not going anywhere until I fulfilled it. My comfort zone at home was no longer challenging me and this curious mind needed to see more than my backyard. My anxious tendencies were getting the best of me and it was time to turn my dreams into a reality. As a child, I was a shy, reserved little blonde who grew into a bigger, spontaneous blonde with ambitions that could not be contained in the Niagara Region.

Tired of serving tables and searching endlessly for the perfect career path, paired with the influence of my equally travel-bug infected boyfriend, we set out on a mission to, instead, find the perfect place abroad to call home for a while. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months of searching, when we stumbled upon a university in Spain that, to our surprise, had courses we were both inspired to explore…in English!

Since moving to Murcia, a warm, sunny, Southeast region of Spain, we have been able to experience and share some of the most memorable times of our lives in countries we only dreamed of visiting. My hope is that this small peek into our life abroad will show and inspire you to make the most of what this beautiful world has to offer!

Hasta luego!